Terms & Conditions


At Sweet Kandy, we sincerely appreciate the trust you have placed in us to meet your hair care needs. This is why, in order to provide a positive and safe experience for everyone, we are writing to you with important terms and conditions governing the use of our products.

Please Read It Carefully

At Sweet Kandy, we are proud to highlight that each of our hair products is meticulously crafted with the highest quality natural ingredients. From refreshing mint to cocoa, rich honey and nourishing essential oils, each component has been selected with the utmost care and attention to ensure not only effective results, but also a rewarding sensory experience.

However, although we try and work To maintain the highest quality standards, it is important to note that, due to the diversity of individual responses of each person, we cannot guarantee the complete absence of a possible allergic reaction.

The active participation of our clients is essential to guarantee a safe and personalized experience. We encourage each of our customers to carefully explore the table of contents of each of our products before use. It is crucial to be aware of possible allergies to mint, cocoa, honey, oils or other ingredients that are used in our products. We recommend performing a patch test before full application, especially for those with a history of skin sensitivity.

We recognize the importance of understanding the variability of skin and allergic reactions between individuals. Each person is unique, and the way the body responds to ingredients can differ significantly. We urge our customers to be alert to any signs of discomfort, and if in doubt, seek professional guidance before continuing to use our products.

We regret to inform you that we do not offer refunds or product exchanges under any circumstances. This policy is implemented in order to preserve the quality and freshness of our products, thus guaranteeing an optimal experience for all our customers. We ask that you make your purchases with full knowledge of your hair needs and preferences. We emphasize to each of our customers the importance of reviewing the detailed table of contents of each product and being aware of the possibility of allergies to some of our ingredients.

Additionally, we want to inform you that we are not responsible for orders lost due to mail. We urge you to ensure you provide the correct address when placing your order and to be vigilant in tracking the package. Accurate shipping address verification will help ensure successful delivery of Sweet Kandy products.

At Sweet Kandy, the health and comfort of our customers are our top priority. Should you experience any irritation or adverse reaction when using our products, we strongly recommend discontinuing use immediately. Not all reactions are normal, and we understand the importance of addressing any concerns promptly and effectively. The health of our clients is our top priority. If discomfort persists, we suggest seeking medical advice for further evaluation.

We strongly recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before starting any new hair care regimen, especially if there is a history of sensitivity or allergies.

Dear Customer:

We deeply appreciate your choice of Sweet Kandy and trust that you will find satisfaction and positive results in your natural hair care experience. For any additional questions or concerns, our customer service team is available to assist you.

Thank you for being part of the Sweet Kandy community,

Ariela Perez.